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Locally owned and operated out of Bluffton and Hilton Head SC, our team of design and remodeling experts offers the tools and creative insight to give you a bathroom that belongs on HGTV! Every single project is unique to the customer and are all designed to be one of a kind. We do not believe in the typical contractor cookie-cutter approach. Our team will work directly with you (the homeowner) to figure out your exact style and what products you would like for us to incorporate into your dream bathroom! To contact us fill out the help form on on this page or you can us a call at 

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Is it time for a bathroom remodel?

"We really need more space." That’s the one thing that nearly everyone can agree on when evaluating their current bathroom. And if the home is older, there's likely very little elbow room in that tiny water closet. Is your tub too small or do you want to ditch the tub altogether and build a huge walk-in shower? Does your bathroom fixtures look like they were purchased from Goodwill in the 80's? Regardless if the bathroom is in desperate need of an upgrade or you're just wanting a home that's more aesthetically pleasing you are at the right place. Our team can help you achieve your goals and make sure you get that bathroom you've worked all those years to finally have!

How much does remodeling a bathroom typically cost?

Other than your bedroom, the bathroom is arguably the most used room in the home. The costs associated with a bathroom renovation are not cheap but there's no better place to spend your money! According to Remodeling Magazine, a bathroom remodel can recoup you as much as 64% ROI. Along with increasing the value of the home, it will potentially make the home easier to sell as well. Our bathrooms generally range from $10,000-$30,000  depending on current plumbing and wall locations along with materials chosen and the size of the bathroom.  Another large part of remodeling which can increase price drastically is materials chosen such as fixtures, tubs, vanities, and tile.

Our process for remodeling and building custom bathrooms

Below we give an in-depth explanation of our process to remodeling bathrooms along with picture examples of one of one of our most drastic transformations located in Bluffton, South Carolina. Innovative Construction specializes in designing and renovating bathrooms and over 40% of our work is creating dream shower and bathrooms for customers like you!

Initial consultation

Our very first step is meeting with you and determining your styling, budget, and exactly what your dream bathroom looks like. Our job is to take your wants and needs and make them a reality. This bathroom is being created and designed for you so this is by far the most important step!

Outdated bathroom Bluffton Sc

Sealing off the workspace and demolition

We will cover the floors and seal off the bathroom to prevent dust from entering other parts of your home. Although it's a construction site we still take as much steps as possible to prevent the rest of your home from looking like one! Once this is complete we will begin removing all items that will be changed such as shower, tile, fixtures, vanities, or toilets.  

Shower space in Bluffton SC

Framing, plumbing, and electrical

Once the demotion work is completed and space is ready for rebuilding we will start framing shower space and walls. After the framing is completed while the plumbing and electrical are still easily accessed we will need to move everything to the appropriate location to function in the new space.

Shower pan and Wonderboard

Mortar bed and red guard

After the walls are framed and plumbing is in the correct location we will install the shower pan. The shower pan is a precaution taken in case of grout failure or other circumstances to make sure water never makes its way out of the shower. With a shower pan, you'll never have to worry about the shower floor leaking even 20 years from now! After the shower pan we will install cement based backer board on the shower walls and the floors that are being tiled if the subfloor is wood. 

After steps above are completed we will then pour the mortar bed which is a crucial part of the job. Proper pitch and slope ensure that you have no puddling in the shower once the water is turned off. Once the mortar bed is finished we will begin redgarding the entire shower. Redgard is an elastomeric waterproofing membrane that goes beneath tile to seal up the shower to prevent leaks.

Completing your bathroom

Once everything is ready for the tile we will then lay the tile and finish grouting. After grouting we will then complete the drywall work and painting. Once paint work is completed we will set the vanities, toilets, bathtubs, and install fixtures! The bathroom is now ready for your enjoyment!

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